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Spectrum WebApp is not working using Firefox (blank screen) with SSL self signed certificate


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CA Spectrum


Using Firefox v99 or v100 with SSL self signed certificate when you launch the OC webapp you may receive a blank screen. No problem with Chrome and Edge.

The first panel that appears using a self signed certificate (this also appear with other browsers) is:


at this point to go ahead you should click on "Accept Risk and Continue" and you should receive the Spectrum login panel:

and be able to login to OC web page.

At this point, clicking on OC webapp you will receive a blank page and in debug you may see the following errors:


See for the CORS request did not succeed error.




Release : 21.2.10 

Component : Spectrum OneClick


1) Cut and Paste in a new Firefox session the URL HTTPS that returned the CORS error. You should get a new Potential Security Risk. 


2) Click on "Accept the Risk and Continue"

3) Reload the OC webapp blank page and the OC console should be opened successfully.