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How to make it so users of Endpoint Management Workspaces Users can only deliver software and nothing else


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Client Management Suite Software Management Solution


As an administrator of the product suite, you have other administrators who would like to deliver software to endpoints, and nothing else.  How can you utilize Endpoint Workspaces for this task?


Release: 8.6



You can accomplish this behavior by modifying the security settings on the built-in security role called:  Endpoint Management Workspaces Users

As a recommendation, clone the default security role Endpoint Management Workspaces Users and call it something like "Delivery Software Only Workspaces Role"

With the role cloned, and selected, click on Show Security Role Manager Console.

Once the security role manager console is open, make sure that it shows the cloned security role 

Change the view to All Items and click on the glasses icon to show hidden elements:

Notice in the screenshot above, with hidden items shown, you can now navigate down to Workspaces > Widgets.  Each item represents items you can change.  In this example, you would click each item you do not want to be shown and uncheck the Read permission.  After saving changes, the end-user should now only have access to deliver software.

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