TPX SMRT setting 'Allow Lower Case Pswds' Y - Mixed Case Support
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TPX SMRT setting 'Allow Lower Case Pswds' Y - Mixed Case Support


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TPX - Session Management


This document outlines the parameter settings necessary to support uppercase, lowercase or mixed case password, new password and lock
word fields in TPX and how to synchronize any changes with corresponding security system changes.

Does CA TPX support mixed case passwords?


Release : 5.4

Component : TPX for z/OS


In the SMRT Security Parameters, you will find option Allow Lower Case Pswds.
This specifies whether or not TPX will change all characters in the password/passcode, new password/passcode and lock word fields to upper case.

   Allow Lower Case Pswds = Y >>> TPX passes value "as is" to security.
   Allow Lower Case Pswds = N >>> TPX converts lower case to upper case before passing to security.

If you want lower case characters passed to the security system, you need to have Allow Lower Case Pswds set to Y.

This would be done in coordination with your security system setting.


Once this change is done within security,

  • The user will have to explicitly enter the current password in UPPER case so that upper case is sent to the security system (since that is what the security system has saved for the password).
  • At the same time, the user should also enter a new password  NOT in UPPER case so that the security system password will now be stored in mixed or lower case.