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Scheduled patch is not applied to the machines as per schedule


Article ID: 241434


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite Patch Management Solution


Updates are targeted to a certain group of servers and are showing as scheduled in the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) user interface in the Software Update tab. However, at the scheduled time, the updates do not install and the schedule updates to the next time as configured. 


In this case, we found that the Windows System Assessment scan, as seen in the SW delivery tab, had been failing for the past six months. 

When troubleshooting the scan failure, we found that there were several copies of the assessment scan policy, including the one targeting the computers with this issue. The platform had been upgraded, and we suspect that the copies were no longer functional in the new environment. 


Release : 8.6


We created new Windows System Assessment scan policies and during testing, this allowed the scans to complete successfully. The pending updates successfully installed at the next scheduled time.

The Windows System Assessment scan policies are located in Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management.