Task Dependencies error PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error
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Task Dependencies error PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error


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When is no visible circular dependency created by the user, there is no predecessor set up, only a successor (or the opposite), and trying to add a dependency that's not set, an error is thrown:

PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error


Release : Any


  • This is an expected warning message due to a circular dependency on this project.
  • The reason being is that the code will not only check successor/predecessor for circular dependency but the entire chain up to the top/bottom. So if at some point there is a chain that goes up from the expected successor, you will not be able to set it up because of the Circular Dependency.
  • To confirm this is the case you can:
    1. Remove the other dependency from this task
    2. Attempt to set the initial dependency again. This should work without an issue. 
  • The way it works is that it will evaluate the entire plan of dependencies. We recommend reviewing the dependencies that go back up for any successors. Here is an example of how this is working on a small scale:

Note: At this point there isn't an quick way to pinpoint which exact dependency is circular - the Project Manager will have to check the chain up and down one by one to see the circle especially if the projects is very large with complicated dependencies

Additional Information

If no dependencies on the task at all (predecessors or successors), but still having the issue, check out Task Dependencies throwing a PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error (without any dependencies)