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Signed Request Element, Evaluate Xpath, Decode JWT assertions generates exception report unable to load component error


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CA API Gateway


The "Signed Request Element", "Evaluate Xpath" and "Decode JWT" assertions in our policies is broken.  When you open the properties of the assertion in 10.1 base policy manager you get a policy manager failure.

When you open the assertion properties in 10.1 you get the Policy Manager Error.  "Unable to load component.  It may be from a module which was recently unloaded on the Gateway." (Do you want to generate a report).

This is only observed when these assertions are part of a SOAP Policy.  Having the same assertions in a rest policy generates no errors.




Release : 10.1

Component :


This problem is resolved by installing the 10.1 Cr01 policy manager and using it to connect to your existing 10.1 CA Api Gateway. The exception is from policy manager and the update to policy manager addresses the issue.