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Oracle JDK/JRE Licensing for SDM and its components


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Catalog Process Automation Manager APM


Hello and Good Afternoon.

We are currently using the following ITSM components in our environment:
   1. EEM - v12.6.0.5
   2. PAM - v4.2 sp05
   3. APM - R17.3 RU12
   4. Service Catalog (SC) - R17.3 RU12
   5. ServiceDesk Manager (SDM) - R17.3 RU12

Request confirmation that any Java (JRE/JDK) that are used for any and/or all of above components are still Oracle Java and
that licensing is covered by Broadcom. If they are not Oracle, are they OpenJDK? if so, which components are already using openJDK and if they
are still Oracle, any plans on migrating them to OpenJDK (should they be migrated to OpenJDK or they will stay as is - using Oracle JRE/JDK)?



Release : 17.3

Component :EEM 12.6.2

   2. PAM - v4.3 sp05
   3. APM - R17.3 
   4. Service Catalog (SC) - R17.3
   5. ServiceDesk Manager (SDM) - R17.3 


Going forward SDM and common components bundled with adopting product versions 17.2 and above releases have been using Open JDK 11 and above.

We have replaced Oracle JRE with OpenJDK in EEM  12.6.2 version onward

For anyone who continues to use Oracle JDK/JRE Broadcom will not cover the licensing for Oracle Java.
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