Could not find translation string in file
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Could not find translation string in file


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When you are trying to translate Clarity using the Localization functionality, you are not able to find part of the string.

For example, while reviewing "" file for Norwegian, you can see the following:

global.status.toolargemaxchar=[no:'{{fieldName}}' is too large. Maximum size is {{maxLength}}.

However, when the error corresponding to this string is displayed, the message could be something like:"

"[no: å Company Logo Alternate Text ø][[FYSD0]]' is too large. Maximum size is 30."

Where can I find the {{fieldName}} string to translate?


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Studio


{{fieldName}} is not a string, but a variable that will be replaced by another string.


These are variables that will get automatically replaced with the relevant content. In the case of the {{fieldName}}, it will replace it by the field name that is relevant for the error. They are not part of the translation files but part of the code that does the replacements to show the relevant message.

In the previous example, Company Logo Alternate Text can be found in

Company+Logo+Alternate+Text=[no\: \u00E5 Company Logo Alternate Text      \u00F8][[FYSD0]]

The message would use the "Company Logo Alternate Text" as a {{fieldName}}.

The replacement occurs as needed and it is not necessarily always "Company Logo Alternate Text", but the relevant string for each scenario, depending on the context of the message that needs to be displayed.