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No Alarms - 'alarm filter' 404 | Spectrum Data Publisher -> DX SaaS


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DX Operational Intelligence DX NetOps CA Spectrum


After configuring the Spectrum Data Publisher, we do not see any alarms.

We have been following this Doc page to configure the data publisher to connect our on-prem NetOps Spectrum to the DX Saas.

We see the Inventory show up in the SaaS but no Alarms.

Below is the what we see in the SpectrumDataPublisher.log.

2022-04-29 13:02:26,387 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-3: [manager.NcmSync] [subscribeForNcmConfig] - Requesting SubscriptionId for NCM sync
2022-04-29 13:02:26,394 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [manager.AlarmSync] [subscribeForAlarm] - Requesting SubscriptionId for Partial sync
2022-04-29 13:02:26,403 ERROR ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [handler.HttpResponseHandler] [handleResponse] - HTTP response- Url : , error code: 400 , message:
2022-04-29 13:02:26,404 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [healthmetadata.HealthMetadataProcessor] [addToQueue] - Adding PRODUCT update to HealthMetadataQueue
2022-04-29 13:02:26,405 WARN ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [handler.SpectrumHttpErrorHandler] [handleResponse] - Handling Spectrum error ALARM sync for HTTP error code : 400
2022-04-29 13:02:26,405 INFO Thread-2: [healthmetadata.HealthMetadataProcessor] [processTasQueue] - Sending HealthMetadata PRODUCT graph to TAS
2022-04-29 13:02:26,406 FATAL ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [handler.SpectrumHttpErrorHandler] [handleResponse] -  server has encountered an error, HTTP error code : 400
2022-04-29 13:02:26,406 ERROR ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [handler.AbstractHttpErrorHandler] [restartSync] - Restarting the sync ALARM
2022-04-29 13:02:26,407 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [manager.AlarmSync] [stopSchedules] - Stopping alarm schedules.
2022-04-29 13:02:26,409 ERROR ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [client.AbstractHttpClient] [execute] - HTTP error code: 400
2022-04-29 13:02:26,412 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-3: [manager.NcmSync] [execute] - NCM_SUBSCRIPTION_JOB is running...
2022-04-29 13:02:26,412 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-3: [manager.NcmSync] [stopSchedules] - Stopping ncm schedules.
2022-04-29 13:02:26,412 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-3: [manager.NcmSync] [performNcmSync] - Performing NCM Sync. id : a301126e-ec39-443d-90a3-2adf4ec18649
2022-04-29 13:02:26,409 ERROR ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [manager.AlarmSync] [subscribeForAlarm] - Catching 400
JAXBException occurred : cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'alarm-filter'. One of '{"":requested-attribute}' is expected..
 at ~[google-http-client-1.40.1.jar:1.40.1]
 at ~[spectrum-data-publisher100.jar:?]
 at ~[spectrum-data-publisher100.jar:?]
 at ~[spectrum-data-publisher100.jar:?]
 at [spectrum-data-publisher100.jar:?]
 at [spectrum-data-publisher100.jar:?]
 at [quartz-2.3.2.jar:?]
 at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$ [quartz-2.3.2.jar:?]
2022-04-29 13:02:26,412 INFO ConnectorSyncScheduler_Worker-2: [manager.AlarmSync] [execute] - Scheduler ended: ALARM_SUBSCRIPTION_JOB


Release : 21.3



The REST integration was not supported in Spectrum until release 21.2.4 and above.


Spectrum was upgraded which resolved the issue. This error can happen in Spectrum releases 21.2.1 or before as the rest alarm subscription wasn't introduced until Spectrum 21.2.4 and above.