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Steps to enable SSL for VIP Enterprise Gateway SSP


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VIP Service


How do we enable SSL for EG SSP?


Release : 9.9.2

Component : Enterprise Gateway


Follow these steps to enable SSL for SSP:
1. Add a CA to the Trusted CA Store, if your SSL certificate is not issued from a public Issuing Authority. Refer the section 'Adding Trusted CA Certificates' in 

2. Configure SSL certificates in VIP Enterprise Gateway as mentioned in documentation link

3. In Identity Providers -> Self Service Portal IdP configuration page,
(i) Update protocol in 'Load Balancer URL' from http to https.
For example, https://<EG_HOST>:<SSL_PORT>
(ii) Change 'Protocol' from http to 'https (SSL Enabled)'.
(iii) Select the SSL Key.
(iv) Click on 'Apply Changes & Restart'