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Find Out Who Created and Deleted View


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Clarity PPM On Premise


A user created a view on the in the Modern and shared it.
The view became missing/deleted. Who deleted it and when?


All Versions of Clarity


There are 2 methods to find out who deleted the view.

Method 1 - Review the APP ACCESS logs

1. Find out the view number or view name.
2. Find the occurrences of the number/name associated with the 'DELETE' command.

If it does not show up, check all other servers (if more than one Clarity server exists).

3. Once the line is found, the session ID is  used to identify the username associated with the user.

Method 2 - Use Query

1. After the job(Tomcat access log import/analyze) runs, ythe following query can be used to find out deleted the view.

a.start_time, a.finish_time, a.elapsed_time, a.created_date tomcatjobprocessed,
a.log_date, a.action_method, a.browser_status, a.url_action, a.service_name,
a.host_name, SUBSTR(a.session_cookie, 1, 6), b.user_id
log_details a,
where b.token = a.session_cookie
and ((a.action_method = 'DELETE' 
and a.url_action like '%view%5xxxxxx%') 
or  (a.action_method = 'GET'
and a.url_action like '%view%aaabbb%')
order by start_time desc

where 5xxxxxx is the number of the view, obtained from the URL
and aaabbb is the name of the view.