Increasing the size of a Bundl file
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Increasing the size of a Bundl file


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We are intermittently receiving messages similar to the following:

BND7031I File DDNAME is XX% FULL. <-- Appears when, at least, 80% full.   
BND7032E File DDNAME is 90% FULL. <-- Appears when, at least, 90% full.

How can we add space to expand the size of a Bundl INDEX, PAGE or TABLE file?


z/OS, Bundl, VSAM


File reached capacity.


If an INDEX, PAGE or an Administrative TABLE file becomes full, you may experience serious processing problems until you expand the file size.

- To increase the size of a Bundl file, you will have to perform the "REORG" procedure, which basically consists of a IDCAMS -  BACKUP,DELETE,DEFINE,REPRO.

- Sample JCL for this process can be found in your Bundl installed 'hlq...PPOPTION' library in the CC50JORG member.

Actions to perform for increasing the size of a Bundl VSAM file are as follows:

1. Remove the file from service (through the LSERV REMOVEFILE command) - Or shut down ALL Bundl jobs and the LSERV task completely.
2. Make a backup copy of the file (through the IDCAMS utility).
3. Change the space allocation parameters for the file.
4. Delete original file and re-allocate it (through IDCAMS).
5. Restore the backup copy (through IDCAMS).
6. Put the file back in service (through L-SERV ADDFILE command) - Or restart the LSERV task and applicable Bundl jobs.

* If the file referenced in BND7031I or BND7032E message is a page data file (PDF0-PDF9), you can make it larger (as described above), or make sure that DSF records using this file also point to other page data files.
  For more information on Exploiting lesser used PDF and VPF files in CA Bundl, See Knowledge Article ID: 14975 

Additional Information

For more information, see the "Bundl Documentation" for the BND7031I and BND7032E messages.