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VSE going down frequently with memory issues


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Service Virtualization


We are having troubles with VSE going down frequently.  It is running out of memory after patching.


Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Virtual Service Environment


Memory issues.


1. Stop all DevTest Services

2. Take a backup of all the patches present in LISA_HOME\lib\patches folder

3. Delete all the patches present in LISA_HOME\lib\patches folder (including the previously provided patch patch_DE535023_10.6.0_LTD.jar)

4. Place the latest patch file "patch_DE535023_10.6.0_GA.jar" at LISA_HOME\lib\patches folder

5. Start all the Devtest Services that were stopped in Step 1



Additional Information

Observe the following:

1. Hprof files of small size (< 400MB) may be found once in a while on the Registry server. This is perfectly normal. This is a built-in defense mechanism of Registry to protect itself from QUALYS scanner that runs in your organization

2. With the patch in place, the BrokerService will not dump HPROF file any more because a genuine defect has been fixed with the new patch

3. VSE Service memory usage should be stable. Though the CPU may spike now and then because of the huge number of Virtual Services that are hosted on the VSE server.