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Encountering message CSAAPICM Parmlib DDNAME not found for PTIPARM executing XSNUTILB.


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Following Database Management for Db2 for z/OS r20 maintenance receiving the below error message
in batch jobs executing PGM=XSNUTILB:

CSAAPICM: Parmlib DDNAME not found (PTIPARM)                                     


Release : 20.0
Component : General Services for DB2


Please see the following XSNUTILB documentation:

Use IBM JCL with Broadcom Utilities

The above link mentions the following:
Add a PTIPARM DD that specifies the utilities parmlib name. See the following example:

Recommend amending the XSNUTILB JCL adding the //PTIPARM DD.

The best explanation at this time as to why it stopped working is that site may have
been executing with a linked hlq.CDBAPARM in module PTLLPARM within hlq.CDBALOAD.

Executing the Db2 tools for z/OS with a linked PARMLIB is not recommended and may be 
deprecated in the future.