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How to restrict Spectrum to read some MIB tables/atributes in a device?


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CA Spectrum


Consider the following scenario:

One of our customers has very strict restrictions to what SNMP MIB attributes they allow access.

Question: Do we have a list of mandatory MIB tables (or even MIB attributes) that Spectrum needs access to, in order for the core functions of Spectrum - mainly device discovery - to work properly?


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Discovery


What Spectrum does is to send the GET NEXT requests to devices when reading the mibs. Basically it really depends on what the device responds back with.

Spectrum basically does the same thing as the SNMP Walk or Sapwalk tools.

If customer wants to disallow what Spectrum reads they need to do this at the device side.

For example, with Cisco devices, they can setup an SNMP View to allow or disallow what Spectrum has access to: