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Justification For SARBCH Entry To AUTHPGM Section Of IKJTSOxx PARMLIB Member


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Rolling out REXX code for a global project. 

Part of this code uses dynamic calls to SARBCH via REXX and as such, requests to add a SARBCH entry to the AUTHPGM section of PARMLIB member IKJTSOxx have been serviced for UK systems with the end result being fully operational code.

Do dynamic calls to  SARBCH require this update to IKJTSOxx  ? 




Release : 14.0

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SARBCH does issue MODESET which is a privileged instruction authorisation so calling SARBCH in a REXX program will get S047.

If SARBCH is invoked by a REXX program with the ADDRESS TSO “CALL …” statement, the SARBCH program will have to be added to the AUTHPGM section of the IKJTSOxx SYS1.PARMLIB member to run.