Service Desk Manager Frequently Querying MDB
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Service Desk Manager Frequently Querying MDB


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


If Service Desk Manager is completely down, or seeing severe performance issues the following logs may indicate an issue with the MDB:

05/08 10:01:43.86 SERVER sqlagt:select17         9276 SIGNIFICANT  prov_base.c           1010 SQL Query has returned (20000) rows for (USER). Clause (SELECT <SQL Statement>) Input (<None>)

05/08 11:01:19.26 SERVER web:primary:2          11764 SIGNIFICANT  session.c             4091 This request took 144349 milliseconds to complete. session id:636432343 login name: htmpl name:login.htmpl

These logs may be Frequent with high milliseconds to complete and/or high numbers of SQL Query results. 

This log may be seen also:

05/08 10:49:32.28 SERVER boplgin                10444 SIGNIFICANT  bplhndlr.c            1719 BOPLGIN not ready (status=6143); request queued


Release : 17.3



MDB has become backed up with SQL Queries


Restarting the SQL server should clear the queued queries and SDM should be functional.

Suggest the customer examine these queries and their purpose.

SDM is not meant to handle a high amount of queries and results.

Broadcom offers Jaspersoft Reports to handle reporting functionality if the queries are used for reporting purposes.