How to activate and call the Bundl DPMS967 - TSO Report Access Logging Exit
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How to activate and call the Bundl DPMS967 - TSO Report Access Logging Exit


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What is required to activate the TSO Report Logging Exit, DPMS967?

We assembled and bound the DPMS967 module into the Bundl load library but the exit is not being called.

We tried adding the DPMS967 module to a Bundl load library in the link list as well but it's still not being called.


Release : 5.0

Component : Bundl


The DPMS967 exit was not installed correctly.


- The DPMS967 exit is NOT a stand alone load module that you put in your Bundl load library. You need to install the exit as a USERMOD via SMP/E, using the supplied CC50967 job, which you can find in your Bundl installed SAMPJCL library.

- DPMS967 is just a CSECT and SMP/E will take care of linking it up with the appropriate load modules that will call the exit. As stated the comment in the sample source (SAMPT967) that we provide for the exit:

*  The DPMS967 exit is called for all end user report access actions.  

As to how/when the exit is called, A determination is made if a DPMS967 csect exists in the load module. If it does then a call is made to it".

- After installing the exit as ++USERMOD(CC50967) via SMP/E using the supplied SAMPJCL library CC50967 job, you are going to move the updated load module code into a LINKLIST library, make sure that you remember to perform an LLA REFRESH!

- We also suggest that you log off of Bundl and then log back on again before testing your changes.

- And make sure that whatever your Bundl access method is, the updated load module code is being executed by your logon protocol, from the appropriate library.

Additional Information

For more information on the available Bundl exits, see Chapter 7 in The Bundl Getting Started Guide.

You can download a PDF version of the CA Bundl Documentation by clicking on this link.