Rally: Question about accessing My Communities through Rally Via SSO
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Rally: Question about accessing My Communities through Rally Via SSO


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Our environment is set up with SSO - and some of our users attempt to use the 'Ask the Community' interface within Rally, after being signed in through SSO. 

Someone else within my org reached out about how they are unable to sign in - and it was told that it is because of SSO, that there was a URL change back in March and we need to update - which we did before that date. 

My understanding of accessing the communities it is a separate environment, unrelated to SSO and there is no correlation with signing in, and you need a separate log in to access. 

Please help me confirm/understand this.


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Invalid/Inactive browser Sessions caused the users not able to login to Rally Community.


Both the community pages & Rally prod environments are on the same entity. the SSO should allow the users to access the community pages seamlessly.

Please ask the user to access the Rally application by using your SSO link first and then click on a new tab paste the community URL or try googling "Rally Community" and then access the communities.

A new SSO session can help users to access the Broadcom/Rally Communities page via SSO. 


  1. If the user is still not able to access the community link via SSO then please ask the user to try login Rally first then try  https://support.broadcom.com/user this URL, and at the top right corner, you should be able to see his/her account name.

  2. If the issue still persists then please clear the browser cache or try incognito mode.

If none of the above options didn't work for the users then please contact Rally Support to investigate the behavior further.