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Sometimes Content Analysis (CAS) UI showing outdated pattern file.


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Content Analysis Software ISG Content Analysis CAS-VA


On the UI, under the AV Patterns, the date is showing an outdated date or not having the latest pattern file update.

However on the logs, the AV is showing the latest pattern file update.

For example:

On the UI, it is showing the following details:


While on the logs, it is showing the following:

May  4 06:04:26 localhost avservice[3751]: 2022-05-04 06:04:26 (UTC),Sophos, Plc. on CAS_or_ASG(  successfully updated,AV version: 3.85.1,AV pattern version: 5.92.72849077.0,AV pattern date: 2022/05/04 06:03:55,

May  4 06:05:09 localhost avservice[3751]: 2022-05-04 06:05:09 (UTC),McAfee, Inc. on CAS_or_ASG(  successfully updated,AV version: 6200.9189.406332389,AV pattern version: 10336.0,AV pattern date: 2022/05/03 ,


There are two options to resolve the issue:

1. Restart the ICAP service under Utilities > Services.

2. Restart the appliance.