Userid processing using the Gen CICS Socket Listener (TIML or TISL)
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Userid processing using the Gen CICS Socket Listener (TIML or TISL)


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It appears transactions in CICS do not get started under the Requester's (RACF) Userid but instead under the CICS default Userid.

How to insure the transactions are running under the Userid of the requesting user? 

What are the sequence of the called User Exits when connecting to the CICS Socket Listener (TIML/TISL)?  (e.g. TIRSECVZ first then TIRSLEXT or other way around?)



Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Generators


If a Userid is provided in the CFB (Common Format Buffer), the Listener will use that Userid to start the server.  If a Userid is not provided in the CFB, the Userid the Listener is running under is used to start the server.  The Userid/Password are placed in the CFB either from the client application variables:  CLIENT_USER_ID and CLIENT_PASSWORD or from the Client Manager. 
The Listener can be started manually or via CICS PLTPI.  If started manually it acquires the Userid of the person starting it. If started by PLTPI it uses the PLT Userid or CICS default Userid.  Regarding the User Exits, the CICS Listener gets invoked first, so TIRSLEXT is executed first. Then the Listener starts the application server and that invokes the TIRSECVZ exit.