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Client Copy is running for days.


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CA Automic Service Orchestration - Automation Engine


A user is copying a client but it is taking days to migrate all objects, version management, statistics and reports. Production client can be 9 to 10 times larger than their non-prod counterparts.


Release : 12.3



Migrate the objects then the statistics on client copy utility.

To copy a client for the first time:

    1. Start the AE.DB ClientCopy utility.
    1. Select the client that should be copied in the source database.
    1. Select an unused client number (green hand symbol) in the destination database.
    1. Decide whether messages, statistics and so on should also be copied.
    1. Click Copy client to start the process.

To copy messages and statistics subsequently:

    1. Start the AE.DB ClientCopy utility
    1. Select the client that you have already copied and the corresponding destination client.
    1. Select the messages, statistics, or reports that should be copied subsequently. The utility will skip data that is already available in the destination client.
    1. Click Copy client to start the process.