View - Modified panels not displayed after the upgrade
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View - Modified panels not displayed after the upgrade


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I have upgraded CA View from v12.2 to v14 and some panels are not displaying complete options like return code or maxcc of each job.

It was showing in previous versions.

Can you please suggest how to fix it? 


Release : 14.0

Component : View


Per View upgrade Best Practices, here is the sequence of events regarding modifications:

 . Identify any user-modified elements (panels, banners, and exits). 

 . Using the source provided in the new release, add the modifications from the old release. 

 . Implement the modified new-release elements:

 . . Run SARDBASE OLOAD to load any panels.

 . . Run SARDBASE BLOAD, to load any banners.

 . . Re-assemble any modified exit source.


In this instance, the client loaded the modified panels from the old release, rather than modifying the panels in the new release and using those.