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Cancel Request ignored by SYSVIEW and issued NON-PURGEABLE CICS Response


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


SYSVIEW CICS Transaction Defensive Purge Process
Threshold metric - LIFETIME
We encountered a situation when a task belonging to transaction FXW2 (task# 156) exceeded lifetime threshold of 2 mins in Prod.
When checked, we found that the task was still running even though SYSVIEW generated CANCEL request for CICS to cancel the task. But CICS did not cancel the task and returned NON-PURGEABLE as response

Could you help us understand the following
1) Why SYSVIEW did not try to re-issue Cancel request to CICS?

Only one request was issued by SYSVIEW "01.05.00 STC24825 GSVC101I GSVCSDCS has issued a CANCEL for the transaction FXW2 156 C157W071"

We observed that AORs mapped to C157W071 (WOR) were recycled during the same timeframe FXW2 was initiated (01.00 AM - 01.05 AM) and possibly could have impacted the routing of workload from WOR to AOR.

01.05.00 STC24825 GSVC157I Tran FXW2 Task 156 to be cancelled by threshold. Jobname = Metric LIFETIME Rsce1 >GRPP120 Rsce2 = CanLimit 00:02:00
01.05.00 STC24825 GSVC101I GSVCSDCS has issued a CANCEL for the transaction FXW2 156 C157W071
01.05.00 STC24825 GSVC102I CANCEL Tran FXW2 Task 156 WaitType USERWAIT WaitName WMCLXSWX Jobname C157W071
01.05.02 STC24825 +GSVC150W Function NORMAL_CANCEL Response 02 EXCEPTION Reason 04 NOT_PURGEABLE
01.05.02 STC24825 +GSVC151I Attempting function DEFERRED_ABEND

FXW2 belongs to 2 min purge tier
• At 1:04, SYSVIEW triggered WARNING status alert since lifetime exceeded 1:30 mins
• At 1:05, PROBLEM alert was triggered since lifetime exceeded 2 mins
• There was only one GSVC101I issued by SYSVIEW

• But there were several TRANDYN alerts written to GSVCXLOG indicating PROBLEM status every 15 min secs
• CICS was not able to cancel the task

* Console Ops had to cancel the task manually


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The GSVC150W message indicates that the cancel for FXW2 task was not executed by CICS, most likely due to the state of the transaction at that time.  SYSVIEW made the request to CICS, but CICS controls whether or not any action is taken.   

In order to determine why the NORMAL_CANCEL failed, or why the transaction was in the NOT_PURGEABLE, you would need to talk to CICS support.    

There is no re-issue of the command done automatically in this situation by SYSVIEW.  SYSVIEW issues the command to CICS and then it is up to CICS to handle it accordingly.