What's Changed in DCS 6.9.2?
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What's Changed in DCS 6.9.2?


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Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Monitoring Edition Data Center Security Server Advanced


An article explaining the 4 of the most front facing changes to expect when upgrading to DCS 6.9.2. For all other additions please review the Release Notes and Resolved Issues section for DCS 6.9.2.


DCS:SA 6.9.2

DCS:ME 6.9.2

DCS:S 6.9.2


New Sisipsconfig Commands


What are the new DCS/SEP Linux 6.9.2 and SEP 13 RU4 commands in sisipsconfig? Can I use old uninstall commands to remove the DCS Linux Agent and SEP now?


Note: You MUST use the new commands to fully remove the 6.9.2 Agent as well as SEP.

Asset Dual Management Mode


How can you tell if a Linux Asset is using Dual Mode in the UMC?


Dual Managed (SEP + DCS)

DCS Managed

Note: If you install the DCS Agent first, then it will report to the SEPM if you install SEP afterward. If you install the DCS Agent last, then it will report to the UMC.


Reviewing SEPM Anti-malware Events when Dual Managed


My Asset is now managed by SEP and DCS but I don't see Malware Events. Where do I check now?


Log into SEPM < Clients < Client


Monitors < Logs < Define log type < View Log < Choose Asset < Export

Account Lockout


What new lockout features should be known?


Below is what an end-user will see if locked out:

Note: Run top 200 rows query against dcs_umc < Tables < security.users to find locked data and locked  timeout to confirm when to try again.

To unlock as an Administrator, simply log into the UMC and click the padlock button on any user that shows as “Locked”:

What if  you want to modify any of these settings? Log into the UMC < Server < Settings < Login Management:

Note: These settings apply as well to the Java Console. It is less descriptive and only will yield the standard failure message if locked out. Just remember to instead check the SCSPDB < Tables < dbo.USR table instead.

Additional Information

For all other features and fixes, please view the Release Notes and Resolved Issues links below: