View - SARSTC and SMS/TMS setting of EXPDT=CATALOG Inquiry
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View - SARSTC and SMS/TMS setting of EXPDT=CATALOG Inquiry


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Currently, we have a process that executes daily to set EXPDT=CATALOG when View Started Task has an ABEND, where EXPDT= was set to expire. 

This would ensure no tape gets scratched before previously set expiration date. 

Has View made any changes to accommodate this condition? 


Release : 14.0

Component :


To have View tapes be under catalog control, ensure that you have SARINIT EXPDT=99000. 

According to the View Reference Guide:

Important! If a tape management system is installed, do not override the CA View tape retention criteria by the tape management system with respect to ABnormal TERMination (ABENDS).

Tapes, out of an abended SARSTC backup or SARPAC, will go scratch unless they are accommodated for in the ABTERM for your TMS. 

The client's automation response of "EXPDT=CATALOG" is accomplishing keeping the tape under catalog control, rather than go scratch.

The condition must be accommodated for in the TMS, as View does not have the ability to override what the TMS is instructed to do.