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WCC Single Session per User


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CA Workload Automation AE


WCC Single Session per User - when you go to Configuration Tab then "View/Modify Preferences: Configuration" - 

Then there is a "" check box - when you check the checkbox and Save - what file on the WCC Server is updated? Is it an XML or conf file?

I would like to automate this - and just need to know where this gets updated. 

Thank you.


Release : 11.4.x



The setting is stored in WCC database. can be used to export/import the setting.

Here is part of a complete export:

insert_global_preference: CONFIG
config_env_autorefresh_prevents_session_timeout: false
config_env_autosys_enable_pmux: true
config_env_autosys_enable_ssl: false
config_env_cred_persist_default_user: false
config_env_cred_validation_refresh: 5000
config_env_cred_validation_thread_pool_core_size: 2
config_env_cred_validation_thread_pool_max_size: 4
config_env_cred_validation_thread_pool_timeout: 600
config_env_eem_retry_interval: 1
config_env_eem_retry_tries: 1
config_env_encrypt_query_params: false
config_env_integration_cam_base_url: ''
config_env_single_session_per_user: true
config_env_single_sign_on: SSO_NONE
config_env_single_sign_on_forcentlm: true
config_env_sso_session_timeout: 30

The one that you're referring to is "config_env_single_session_per_user: true".

To change its value, create a file contains the following:

insert_global_preference: CONFIG
config_env_single_session_per_user: false

And then run the following command: -u <Uid> -p <Pwd> -i <path/file>

To very the change, log out and log into WCC again.