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Spectrum 21.2.x not displaying Firmware Version for F5 Big IP Devices


Article ID: 241029


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum 21.2.x Not showing Firmware Version for F5 Big IP Devices


Release : 21.2.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


NOTE:  When making changes with Model Type Editor the changes need to be made exactly the same on every landscape OR the catalog needs to be saved and reloaded on every landscape.  This does not apply to fault- tolerant secondary servers.

Use caution when making edits under Model Type Editor.

Here are the Model Type Editor Steps to change:

1.  Stop Spectrum Server

2.  Launch Model Type Editor

3.  Locate the correct Model Type (F5BigIPDev)

4.  Update NRM_RunningFirmwareAttr value to point to 3b71987 sysProductVersion (Make sure this OID is correctly populated with the expected value as this is acting as the Firmware Version data source)

5.  Add .* Value to NRM_RunningFirmwareFilters

6.  Save Changes

7.  Start Spectrum Server

8.  Firmware Version is populated under Asset Information (Device re-configuration may be required for this value to update after making the above changes)