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I have changed the component name on the monitored device but the old name is used in Performance Management.


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I changed the policy name. The old policy name does not exists in the running config on the monitored device but shows up in some QoS stats of PM. Some QoS stats are still getting recorded under the old policy name (QoSpol1) while others show up either under QoSpol2 (new) or QoSpol1 (old).

How do we fix and consolidate these views?


'Display Settings' > 'Item Name Display Setting' : 'Use Item Name Alias'

the following statement impacts the displayed values:
When a device / component / interface  is first discovered via any data source, we automatically set the initial value of Name Alias to the same value as the component Name. This is never updated / changed again without user interaction.


Release : 21.2

Component : PM device / component / interface discovery


Change the Alias Name using one of the methods:
How to change the alias for components, interfaces, and devices in CA Performance Management

Additional Information

How to check my 'Display Settings':

1. Click on the circle (top right corner) indicating user currently logged in (if it is 'admin' circle will indicate 'ad')
2. Click 'User Settings'
3. Check the 'Display Settings' section