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The Workflow page is taking time to load


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CA Identity Governance


Whenever trying to login to the IDG web admin console. It's taking time to load the workflow page. 




 Multiple reasons:

i)  Fetching all the business flows from the database and doing filtering at the business logic level.

ii) Eagerly loading business flow inner objects (business flow properties and previous states).


IDG version 14.3 CP2


i)   New SQL queries are written to apply the filtering at the SQL level instead of the business logic level.

ii)  Lazy loading of business flow inner objects on demand.

iii) The solution improves the loading time of the above mentioned pages as well as reduces the memory footprint, CPU time, and load on the database.

iv)  Improvement statistics will be updated after QA.

Resolved in 14.3 CP2

Additional Information

Improve the loading time of Identity Governance web pages with heavy business workflows.
  • Home page
  • Workflows (Home > Administration > Workflows)
  • Workflows Filter (Home > Administration > Workflows > Filter)
  • Certification Management (Home > Compliance Management > Certification Management)
Improved the loading time of Identity Governance web pages with heavy business work