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Logging when calling PG Terminate within stored procedure DWH_DISABLE_CONSTRAINTS_SP


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Summary: In the defect DE62736, 'pg_terminate_backend' command was introduced which kills any lock held by any other user. Request from support was to add a logging mechanism so whenever 'pg_terminate_backend' was called it should write a log in a table which will help support to understand when 'pg_terminate_backend' was called during the DWH execution. 


  1. Run a large select query using ODATA to held a lock at any table in DWH schema  
  2. Run the load data warehouse job 
  3. The 'Load Data Warehouse' job will process each table and if any lock is held it will call pg_terminate_backend 

Expected Results: Data Warehouse job should finish successfully by removing the locks held by other users and store the information in one of the tables. 

Actual Results: Data Warehouse job finishes successfully by removing the locks held by other users but no logs on which PID was killed. 

Workaround: None. 





Release: 16.0.0 


This is an enhancement request, resolved in 16.0.1. 

The Process IDs are now logged in the DWH_CFG_GENERAL_MESSAGE table. 


Additional Information

For more information regarding DE62736, reference the following article: