Unable to add static route to a hub under Name Services
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Unable to add static route to a hub under Name Services


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


On the Primary HUB 172.20.xxx.xx, I go to config of HUB GUI, then to Name Services tab, then try to add a secondary HUB with it's IP 172.24.xx.xx under Static Hubs, but I am getting an error

"Could not connect to Hub:172.xx.xx.xx!

Reason: communication error"

All ports are opened as per the network team, so what else could be the problem? Ping and telnet works between the primary hub and this secondary hub. There are other secondary hubs that have been added here with no issue.


Release : UIM any version

Component : UIM - HUB

hub - any version


- could be 1 or more causes


There are many reasons why a static hub cannot be added to the Primary under Name Services (communication error),

Check with ping and telnet in both directions first.

Possible reasons why there is a communication error:

- hub/robot is down
 -No route or significant latency to/from Primary and Secondary/remote hub
- Primary and Secondary/remote hub on different subnets (requires tunnel)
- Hub port 48002/robot port 48000 blocked
- Local/remote or intermediary firewalls blocking the connection
- hub broadcast disabled for one of the hubs
- host/ip does not resolve as expected
- AV/Security software interference
- SDWAN->policy-based routing configuration
- If you already have a tunnel between the hubs a static route is not required and should not be created.
-You need telnet capability not only between hubs, but also between IM client workstation and the hubs,
 e.g. if running IM client on some remote laptop and the firewall is not open to the IM machine, may need to run IM on Primary hub/inside network.

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