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Dynamic query BROWSE_ONLY clause affects to data displayed on list views


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Summary: The Dynamic query [BROWSE_ONLY] clause is affecting how the data is displayed in the List View page in Classic. On the Modern UX, the subobject module displays data correctly on grid views. This only affects the Classic UI. On the Modern UX, the subobject module displays data correctly on grid views.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Administration > Data Administration > Lookups > Create a static lookup STATIC_LOOKUP1
  2. Add values like: LKUP 01, LKUP 02, LKUP 03
  3. Create a dynamic query lookup with any query behind as later on needs to be updated by XOG
       Lookup name: My Dynamic Lookup
       Lookupid: DYN_LOOKUP2
       query sample: 
       SELECT  @SELECT:prID:[email protected],
                @SELECT:PRUID:[email protected],
                @SELECT:prName:[email protected],
                @SELECT:prExternalID:[email protected],
                @SELECT:prModTime:[email protected]
                FROM    PRChargeCode
                WHERE   @[email protected]
                AND     prIsOpen  != 0
                AND prprojectid is null
                --Below condition is dummy one. Chargecode attribute has lookup param mapping "param_project_id". But its dynamic query gets changed based on setting "Enable Investment-specific Charge Codes". 
                --If it is OFF, dynamic query does not expect "param_project_id" param. So validation fails. To resolve this, a dummy param "param_project_id" added in this query in the way it does not affect the results.
                AND (@WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:[email protected] is null OR @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:[email protected] is not null)
                AND (@WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:[email protected] is null OR @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:[email protected] is not null)
                :[email protected]
  4. Go to Studio > Objects > Task object 
  5. Create a lookup type attribute: STATIC_LOOKUP1
       Link it to the STATIC_LOOKUP1 lookup
       Provide an API Attribute ID
       Under Views > Add the attribute to the Edit view and list view 
  6. Create a custom subobject of the project object: prj_subobject1
       API enable it 
  7. Create a lookup type attribute Dyn Lookup Field1
       Link it to the My Dynamic Lookup lookup 
  8. Update the dynamic lookup by XOG, using the attached file: hito_compromiso_lookup.xml 
  9. Go to the custom subobject prj_subobject1, Dyn Lookup Field1 attribute and lookup parameter mappings to odf_parent_id
  10. Go to Projects 
  11. Create a new project and add a project Type and Project Category 
  12. On the Tasks tab, create 3 milestone tasks and populate the STATIC_LOOKUP1 lookup attribute 
  13. Go to the custom subobject on the same project 
  14. Create a new instance 
  15. Open the browse icon for the first instance 
  16. Note it displays the milestones with LKUP 01 and LKUP 02 values. Choose one and save 
  17. Create a second instance: Note the earlier selected value has now been dropped 
  18. You can only choose one milestone task with a certain value only once 
    This is due to the BROWSE_ONLY clause of the lookup which is fine 
  19. Now look at the list view 


Expected Results: The lookup attribute should display the selected/saved value. 

Actual Results: The lookup values are not displayed in the cells of the List View page in Classic PPM. 

Workaround: None. 




Release 15.9.2, 15.9.3, 16.0.0, 16.0.1 


Resolved in 16.0.2