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Only Specific Content within a web page isn't loading well


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Only Specific Content within a web page isn't loading well. The primary URL loads well.


The customer informs that they still do not have access to collecting the requested PCAP and a fresh policy trace debug. Also, the customer informs that while the URL loads well, only a specific content within the primary URL does not load properly. In response, we mentioned that the possible causes would be failed authentication, for the specific content, or a challenge with certificate cipher exchange. 

To isolate these possible triggers, if this actually relates to the Proxy, we recommended the workaround below.

Bypass authentication for the specific destination URL:

Disable SSL interception for the single URL:

No "Protocol Detect" for the specific URL:

define condition protocol_detect_sites""
   ;... more sites

   condition=protocol_detect_sites detect_protocol(https,ssl)
   ; or
   ; condition=protocol_detect_sites detect_protocol(all)
   ; and for all other sites