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WAM UI install hangs during install


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R12.8.06a AdminUI Pre-requisite is installed

[Use case]
Install as 'smuser'

Install R12.8SP6a Prerequisite installer installed fine.
When installing AdminUI, installer reports there are sufficient space but hangs during copying files.



Release : 12.8.06a

Component : SMAUI


InstallAnywhere will check for the destination folder and the /tmp folder to ensure there are sufficient space available for installation.

However, it is found that the files are also extracted to the user's home directory.

For example, /home/smuser/12345.tmp/

While extracing files to this folder, if the space runs out then the installer hangs.

Setting "LAX_DEBUG={file}" will produce more human friendly report why the installation is failing.

For example, "export LAX_DEBUG=/tmp/install.log" and then run the installer.




Step1. Change the user's home.dir to a different location temporarily where more space is available.

Either use the following command or modify the /etc/passwd file directly.

# usermod -d /newhome/username username

However, this command comes with limitation that all the "smuser" spawned process has to be terminated or the /etc/passwd file cannot be updated.


In that case the /etc/passwd file can be modified directly.


Step2. Copy the Pre-requisite installer generated files from previous home directory to the new home directory.


If this is not performed, the AdminUI installer will refuse to install as it does not find Pre-requisite installation.


Step3. Install the AdminUI

Step4. Copy the 3 updated files to the previous home directory.


Step5. Revert the changes in the /etc/passwd to point to previous home directory



Using environment variable HOME to switch the home does not work as it is determined via /etc/passwd file.