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Sub-object is still visible in the Clarity MUX even after removing all the access rights from all the groups


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Sub-Object is still visible in Custom Investment detail flyout in MUX after removing all Access Rights.

After removing all access Rights for a sub-object of a Custom Investment, resources are still able to see and update the sub-object in the Details flyout.
They are unable to Insert/Update new instances of the sub-object.
1. Create new Custom Investment Object
2. Create a sub-object under the Custom Investment object created in step 1.
3. Create a Blueprint for the Custom Investment and add the sub-object from step 2 as a Module and then Publish the Blueprint
4. In the MUX go to Investments and add an instance of the Custom Investment object from step 1 and assign it the Blueprint for the above step.
5. Check the Details flyout for the instance created above and see that the sub-object is displayed.

6. Give Access rights (Create, Edit All, Navigate, View All, XOG Access) for the Custom Investment object and the Sub-object created to another resource.
7. Log into the MUX as that resource and check that the user can View/Edit the sub-object in the details flyout under the Custom Investment.
8. Remove all the Global and Instance sub-object Access Rights from the above user and have them logout/login again and view the Custom Investment.

Expected Result: User will not be able to view the sub-object in the Custom Investment detail flyout.
Actual result: User can still see the sub-object in the Custom Investment detail flyout and can update existing instances but can not add or delete instances.

The only way to remove the sub-object from the flyout is to delete the sub-object which is not ideal.


Clarity PPM 16.0.1


This is working as designed.

Users will be able to view the sub-object tab in the Custom Investment detail flyout even though the user does not have rights to the sub-object. However, the user should not be able to create/view/edit any sub-object instances. 

Showing/hiding sub object in the flyout is not dependent on access rights and it is the same when the user drills down on a custom investment instance.