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Finding XCOM patches/solutions pages on new Support Portal


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Please provide steps on how to find patches and solutions for all versions of XCOM on the newly designed Broadcom Support Portal.
On this occasion I would like to find the XCOM for Windows solutions page and get the latest patch for 11.6 SP02.


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Windows


Required steps:
1. After portal login and get to the dashboard page (, make sure "Mainframe Software" is selected in drop down on right hand side (next to your name)

2. Use "My Downloads" and in "Search by Product Name" search for XCOM to get to page:

3. Select the Solutions tab to get to page:

4. In "Search by Product Name" search for Windows and select "XCOM Data Transport for Windows Family Server WINDOWS-ALL" which when expanded shows hyperlink for 11.6 that loads this page:

Unfortunately there is no way to filter patches for specific service packs on that "XCOM Data Transport for Windows Family Server WINDOWS-ALL 11.6" solutions page.
So starting with the latest solution, just need to open up each individual solution page to check if it is for the required service pack.

The latest SP02 patch is actually on page 1 and is LU02560 for version r116_SP02_21100 ("ENHANCE SECURITY WITH ADDITIONAL VERIFICATION STEPS") which covers fixes for both SP02 and SP03.

Additional Information

Steps 1-4 above can of course be used for any XCOM OS platform and just filter on the OS name in step 4 to get to the required Solutions page.