Setting queue alerts based on percentage full
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Setting queue alerts based on percentage full


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Messaging Gateway


You would like to set an alert for Messaging Gateway message queues based on being a certain percentage full, such as over 60% full.



Release : 10.7.5

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The alerts available from the Messaging Gateway are fairly basic and do not provide this level of granularity. The available alerts occur if "The combined message queue is larger than" a value or "A queue reaches the message limit" configured in the Scanner SMTP Advanced settings. The above information can be found in the Administration guide:

Configuring alerts

However, you could use SNMP to poll the current queue sizes and calculate the percentage, which may allow you to alert from some other process related to SNMP. You can find the associated SNMP information in the MTA section of the following article:

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Object Identifiers for Messaging Gateway

More information on SNMP in Messaging Gateway can be found in the Administration Guide:

Configuring SNMP settings to monitor network devices