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Using xmlmodifier to set ScanTimeoutInSeconds


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Protection Engine for NAS


Getting Generic 36 errors in the logs due to scan timeouts.



The By default if a file takes longer that 20 seconds to scan it will timeout and generate a error.  The logs have a column called ScanDurationInSeconds.  If you see a ScanDurationInSeconds that exceeds the default of 20 you will get an error on this file scan.



SPE 8.2.2


In SPE 8.2.2 the ScanDurationInSeconds option is now found in the configuration.xml file.  To change the setting you can use the following xmlmodifier command.

xmlmodifier.exe -s //configuration/ScanTimeoutInSeconds/@value 20 configuration.xml


Note: 20 seconds is the default.  If using a Netapp filer this should be set to 2/3 of what the Netapp Filer Request Service Timeout is set for.