A robot reporting in IM but not in OC UIM
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A robot reporting in IM but not in OC UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


A new robot reporting in IM but not in OC. tried to clear nim cache ,reset and restart but didn't work.

tried with uninstalling and re-installing the robot but not reporting 

Robot version 9.33


Release : 20.3



The robot was previously deleted from the OC with Prevent Rediscovery option enabled


- You can allow rediscovery of all or selected deleted devices previously removed through the Prevent Rediscovery option in removing devices.

To allow rediscovery of all devices, use the command in the Discovery Server probe utility.
Follow these steps:
- Invoke the probe utility for the Discovery Server.
- In Admin Console, click the pull-down menu for the discovery_server probe and select View Probe Utility in New Window from the list.
- In Infrastructure Manager, select the discovery_server probe and press Ctrl + p.
- Select clear_all_blacklisted_devices from the command list or commandset pull-down menu at the left. This callback unblocks all devices.
- Similarly, select unblacklist_devices if you want to unblock specific devices. This callback requires bl_id as input, which you can get by querying the cm_blacklist_computer_system table based on the device name or IP.
- Click the green Execute button (Green Execute Button Icon) to send the command request.

After completing the steps to allow rediscovery of all or selected deleted devices, the previously excluded devices are added back to the Operator Console when they are rediscovered. If the probes are still configured to discover or monitor the devices, they will eventually reappear in the Operator Console Inventory and any dynamic groups where they previously existed. You can speed this process by forcing the probes to rediscover the devices. Probes have varying ways to force rediscovery: for the discovery agent, you can select Run discovery now in the Schedule tab of the Discovery Wizard.  For other probes, restarting the probe typically will initiate republishing them to inventory.