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Website unable to render video when viewed through WSS


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Users accessing internet via WSS using the WSS Agent

Multiple users (via multiple browsers) having problems viewing the embedded video at via WSS - video should render automatically but users get blank frame instead without any error

When viewed direct, without WSS, there is no issue. 


WSS Agent access method although issue will appear with all Access methods


Web site GEO locating WSS egress IP address to the wrong country, despite coming from a UK registered IP address


Bypass domain from WSS


Additional Information

When troubleshooting such issues, getting access to a HAR file from both working and non working scenario's is key.

With this specific issue, the HAR file from the failing use case showed 403 status response (access denied) for the first request to domain, which returned a successful 200 OK in working condition, as shown below:


We clearly see from the message that the request was blocked due to a GEO location that is not a UK location.

The user had tried accessing both GGBLO and GGBDO data centers with the same results, and in each case all WSS egress IP addresses GEO locate to UK IP addresses based on the most common GEO location services such as akamai, maxmind, iplocate. The assumption is that the remote GEO service is using another vendor that thinks the WSS egress IP addresses are outside of the UK, and we are following up to correct this.

Until this is corrected on the back end, bypassing the problem domain works around the issue.