Why is the Last boot up Time showing incorrectly?
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Why is the Last boot up Time showing incorrectly?


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IT Management Suite


Why is the Last boot up Time showing incorrectly?


ITMS 8.x


Please see the below use case example with the screenshot to understand the logic behind this boot last boot update time.

This is the Sample SQL query to collect the Last boot up time:

vc.[OS Name],
os.[Last Boot Up Time]
from vcomputer vc
left join Inv_OS_Operating_System os on vc.Guid = os._ResourceGuid
where IsManaged = '1'
order by os.[Last Boot Up Time]

( You can customize this query according to your need to show the data only for the specific machine )

From the results from the query above, the last boot-up time shows when the last inventory was collected from the client machine and the reboot event which occurred before the last inventory ran on the machine.

Please see the example below:

Client machine name: ITMS

The Last boot-up time for client machine ITMS is showing

The last inventory policy ( full inventory ) ran on the client machine.

The Last bootup time gets updated when full inventory gets updated. 

Just to show you the difference, we rebooted the client machine Client machine name: ITMS @ 3:30

Still, the last boot-up time is showing the old time.

The last inventory policy ( full inventory ) ran on the client machine.

When we look at it manually, we see a different time (3:38.03 )


Now the question is why it’s not getting updated / Why is there a difference in time?

Answer :

The last inventory policy ran on the client machine at the below time why it's showing the previous Last boot up time.

It will not capture the event which occurred after the last Inventory. The data from the Last Reboot time will be based on the Last Inventory from the scheduled Inventory Policy.

So now in this case we ran the collect full inventory task again to get the latest update.

Now that it’s updated the correct information:


Verified Manually ( both the information showing correct Last boot up time )


In short: It will show the data as per the last inventory received from the client machine ( not the real-time ).