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&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on parameter on RIC related channels


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Our workflow for risk and issue management requires the ability to use the Notes, Associated Action Items, and Associated Tasks. We have decided to use a channel to Classic for risks, issues, and changes.

We can create a channel to e.g. Risks and we are able to suppress the menu line in the screenshot through the parameter &puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on.

However, this also suppresses the menu line for adding Action Items, Tasks, and Notes to the individual risks, issues, and change requests.  Associated Action Items and Associated Tasks are required for our workflow. We have not found a way to retain this capability from Classic while blocking the end-user from using Classic for all tasks (due to the main menu line being available).

This is the URL we use to open a Channel to Classic for Risk Management purposes:


Is it possible to suppress the main menu in a channel to Risks, Issues, and Change Request while maintaining the Notes, Associated Action Items, and Associated Tasks tabs for managing the individual risks, issues, and changes?



The &puiHidePPMTabs=on parameters hides all menu items and there is no option to selectively decide which menus are hidden and which ones are not