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Restarting the INTERCEPT and SAPI functions after receiving a CADD232S INTERCEPTS and SAPI stopped message


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We began receiving the following series of messages in the CADZSPLx task log:

CADD022W SPLx     Saturation=xx percent                    
CADD230W SPLx     xx percent below UTIL1 saturation threshold

And eventually we received the following message:

CADD022E SPLx Saturation=xx percent, UTIL1 threshold reached
CADD232S SPLx All Dynamic Intercepts and SAPI Intercepts stopped

Once saturation falls below the UTIL1 threshold, do all dynamic INTERCEPTS and SAPI tasks restart automatically or do they have to by manually restarted?


Release : 11.7

Component : Dispatch


LDS Saturation has reached the defined UTIL1 threshold and no more data can be processed into the LDS files.


When the saturation threshold(s) have been exceeded and the "CADD232S SPLx All Dynamic Intercepts and SAPI Intercepts stopped" message is issued, we don't actually turn the INTERCEPT function OFF nor do we actually END the various SAPI tasks. 

Instead, what we do is set an internal CADZSPLx flag that temporarily "deactivates" both the INTERCEPT and SAPI functions, which prevents them from processing any additional data into the LDS files. Once disabled, all job output will be diverted to the JES queue.

Since we don't actually END either function, there is no cause for you to have to RESTART either of them. Once saturation falls below the 1st threshold value both the INTERCEPT and SAPI tasks would automatically be  "reactivated" and would resume their normal functions. At this point, any data that had been diverted to the JES queue would then be picked up and processed into the LDS files by the various SAPI tasks.

During the time that saturation exceeds the threshold, you will see the CADD022E and CADD232S  messages being issued repeatedly, until additional space is available.

No specific message is issued when the INTERCEPT and SAPI functions are reactivated.

You will know when they have been reactivated when the CADZSPLx task stops issuing the CADD022E and CADD232S messages.