Accessing Broadcom Support from outside our Clarity SSO connection
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Accessing Broadcom Support from outside our Clarity SSO connection


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Clarity SaaS is SSO enabled and there is an SSO failure at IDP/network and you're not able to reach the Broadcom Support site from a browser and need to check if the Clarity Saas environment is available.
For currently registered users able to open Support incidents via Broadcom Support portal, what are the possible options to to get help to check if the problem exists at Broadcom side or internal network without Prod SSO connection.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity SaaS Operations SSO


Once Clarity SSO is enabled your access to the Broadcom Support portal from outside an SSO connection is limited, and therefore you really need access to your IDP to access the Clarity SaaS application and the Broadcom Support Site.

Here are a few option on how to get help if you need to check if SSO problem exists at Broadcom side or internal network side.

1) If the SSO is down and need a quick way to test for Clarity application availability:

To access Broadcom Support from outside Prod SSO connection you can use the SP Initiated Flow, however you are required to have a local OKTA account to be setup.

You can use the below URL and the requirement is the OKTA Tenant Admin will need to create a local OKTA account to be setup to log in:

  1. External users should access the following URL's directly via their web browser:
    Modern UI -
    Classic UI -
    (substitute with own Clarity On Demand URL)
  2. Please note: the same user account has to match/be provisioned in both Clarity and also provisioned in OKTA and then it can be used to test landing on Clarity SaaS environment (Dev, Test, Prod) to see if the application is available.

2) Clarity Status page Incident communication:

3) Call the Broadcom CA Support Phone Numbers

  • For a user to be able to create, update and monitor cases with Broadcom Support, a Support Account is required.
  • Via Phone -  To register an account with the CA Support portal, please call 1-800-CALL-CAI, i.e. 1-800-225-5224 and a Customer Service Representative should be able to assist with this request.