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Discover Connections Fails on Some Models with an UNKNOWN_ERROR


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps



I am unable to run "Discover Connection" on at least 2 models within a landscape.

On other models, "Discover Connection" is working.

Trying to run the Discover Connections Action (0x25e0022) returns 'Failure' as well

$ cd $SPECROOT/vnmsh/
$ ./connect
$ ./update action=0x25e0022 mh=0x73698d
update: Failure



The 'Device Type' was changed to one which did not exist in the SSdb catalog. When a discover connections is run
   the SpectroSERVER performs a derived from check (Derived from DEVICE_MTYPE and not from PINGABLE_MTYPE)


Release : 20.2, 21.2

Component : SpectroSERVER


Corrected the 'Device Type' value for the device in question. In this case, the value should have been Cat4500-X as per the
   Device Certification Table


After changing the 'Device Type' to Cat4500-X the discover connections action runs as it should