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Changing the default values for returning relationships on CMDB relationships tab


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CA Service Desk Manager


In the list_bmheir.htpml i have added the default = "<empty"> to the Provider and Dependant CI flag.  We would like to have relationships returned for active/inactive Provider and Active/inacitve dependant CIs by default.  Currently everything needs to be active.  The reason for this is that this will provide additional checks for us when we see an active provider/dependent and yet the relationship is active.

However, when in list_bmheir.htpml we added the default = "empty", it still show active by default. why?



Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Customizations


You can't change the default value in htmpl files. The reason for this is webemgine internal code will change it back to active. This is by design that only active CIs in the relationships should be searched and displayed. We understand sometime end user would like to peek at some inactive CIs and in that case, end users would need to manually  change Active to Inactive or empty and then click on search