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Cannot send scheduled reports in CSV format as a link in the email instead as of an attachment


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Generating some big scheduled reports in CSV format and trying to send them out via email. 
Instead of sending the full CSV report as an attachment in the email message, would like to send it as a time-sensitive link to the report.
But looks like this only works for PDF reports and not CSV reports.


This is a current limitation in Performance Management.

For CSV and single-paged PDF, the report is attached and sent in an email message. For full-paged PDF, an email message is sent with a time-sensitive link to the report. 


Release : 21.2.9

Component : Performance Management Dashboards/Reports


Currently can only send reports in CSV format as attachments. This was done because the PDF report can be quite large in number of bits and often the mail servers have a limitation as to attachment size. While normally a CSV report is not so large that mail server can block it.

So having CSV reports to be an hyperlink in the email is currently not supported.

If using Performance Management 21.2.9 and higher there is a potential workaround, but this is a manual process.

For this need to have the 'Send Reports to Archive' role right and archive reports enabled, so that Portal saves dashboard data as scheduled reports.
Go to the Managed Scheduled Reports and use the hyperlink under the 'Report Name' column to be used in an email.


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For more details on setting up the suggested workaround refer to