Can XCOM send files direct to Microsoft SharePoint
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Can XCOM send files direct to Microsoft SharePoint


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Currently using XCOM on AS/400 server for transfers to Wintel server.
The Wintel server is End of life and it is going to be decommissioned. Now looking at transfer of files from AS/400 to Microsoft SharePoint.
Can you please check and provide information whether it is feasible to send files from XCOM to SharePoint or not?


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Windows


XCOM enables transfer of files between different types of OS servers and normally functions by having an instance of XCOM at both ends of the transfer: XCOM™ DATA TRANSPORT® FOR WINDOWS 11.6 SERVICE PACKS > Getting Started

When transferring between OS types the destination XCOM server handles any file formatting changes required.
The remote file destination can be a file server share that the destination XCOM server can write to.
XCOM post-processing options also allow additional processing of the file after it is received.

Loopback transfers are also possible i.e. a file can be sent to the local XCOM server.
So theoretically if the AS/400 has direct access to a file server share where the SharePoint file are located then running a loopback transfer on the AS/400 and targeting the remote file to that file share might "work". However the file integrity would need to be considered because of file formatting difference between AS/400 and SharePoint. 
From research SharePoint doesn't seem to expose the file server storage options directly. So, it is unlikely that AS/400 can access the SharePoint file server and place the file using loopback. 

So in summary, a partner XCOM server is required and more likely a Windows server because of the need to store the files on MS SharePoint.
A post-processing (exit) script written in Windows PowerShell or C# can be developed to move the received files on XCOM Windows to SharePoint. 
Example Script:
which refers to:

NOTE: Any exit scripts need to be developed and maintained by the user outside of XCOM. XCOM Support can only provide guidance and assistance as permitted within support limits. 

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