XCOM for Oracle Solaris software download & upgrade
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XCOM for Oracle Solaris software download & upgrade


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XCOM Data Transport


Our OS version is Solaris 10

# uname -a
SunOS server1 5.10 Generic_153153-04 sun4v sparc sun4v

The current XCOM version is:
[root@s2dvdr001]:/root # /opt/CA/XCOM/sbin/xcomd -r
xcomd: CA XCOM Data Transport r11.6 13012 SP00 (for SUNLINK v9.1 & BRIXTON)

Where I can download the 11.6 SP01 package for Solaris SPARC?


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Sun Solaris Operating System


The xcomd output showing no "64bit" string indicates that the older 32-bit version of XCOM 11.6 on Solaris SPARC is being used.
XCOM 11.6 32-bit reached end of service on Feb 28, 2018 per this announcement page: CA XCOM Data Transport 11.6 End of Service Announcement

So need to install the new XCOM 11.6 64-bit version which is supported for Solaris 10 as long as 64-bit Solaris 10 is being used.
This is covered from the XCOM "Distributed Platform Compatibilities page" here:
and Solaris Sparc: https://support.broadcom.com/web/ecx/solutiondetails?aparNo=RI59038&os=UNIX

To access 11.6 SP01 64-bit for Solaris the XCOM Product Downloads page is: https://support.broadcom.com/group/ecx/productdownloads?subfamily=XCOM
Expand "XCOM Data Transport for Oracle Solaris Operating System SUN-SOLARIS" and use the 11.6 hyperlink which should open this page:
This will be displayed:
CA XCOM Data Transport for Oracle Solaris 11.6 SP01 DVD

A direct upgrade from 11.6 32-bit to 11.6 SP01 64-bit is not supported and a manual upgrade (uninstall/new install) needs to be done per this documentation page:
For any upgrade which has to be done manually, the steps are the same as those documented for 11.5 in "Understand the Process" and later (NOTE: that page will be updated soon to reflect that it applies to both 11.5 and any earlier 11.6 versions that have to be manually upgraded)
As a post-upgrade step migrate any configuration changes across from the existing configuration files xcom.glb, xcom.cnf etc. NOTE: The new versions of the configuration files SHOULD NOT just be replaced with their older equivalents.

After completing the installation install the latest patch to ensure all known fixes are applied. NOTE: XCOM patches are cumulative so only need to install the latest one
The Solutions tab on the XCOM Product Downloads page will give access to the patches page for "XCOM Data Transport for Oracle Solaris Operating System SUN-SOLARIS" 11.6:

Additional Information

This Solaris command will return 64 if the OS is 64-bit: isainfo -b